About Us

National Payment Solutions, Inc., a Florida-based Corporation serving businesses across the nation, is committed to providing superior customer service.  We look at the needs of each business on an individual basis in order to customize merchant services to make that business run effectively and efficiently.

Customer Service without Comparison

Our commitment to exceptional customer service begins the moment that you contact us. We immediately examine your business needs to provide you with a unique evaluation. There are no hidden fees and no escalating rates. All fees will be explained from the beginning so there are no surprises later.  We share our industry knowledge and experience to enable you to feel confident in your decision to partner with NPS.

Best Solutions in the Industry

NPS is a leader in the industry, offering cutting-edge technological solutions for your business. We evaluate your needs to offer the solution that best fits your day-to-day business.  With over 20 years of experience, our team is able to provide options for you to choose the ideal way to go.  For businesses operating in a store, out in the field, or in a corporate setting, NPS has the tools to get the job done.  We will provide your business with brand new equipment, or the virtual terminal that works best for your needs. The greatest part of this is that there is NO cost to you or your business. This is guaranteed.

The free machines that National Payment Solutions gave my store are fast, reliable, and easy to use. National Payment never charged us more for the equipment because it was free -- NPS saved my business a bunch of money.” 

Mike, The Phone Superstore, Lake Worth, FL

Solutions for Businesses Small and Large

At NPS, your business enhances our business, regardless of its size. We have helped thousands of businesses small and large, nationwide, process credit cards and so much more. We do not discriminate on business size and we believe all businesses have the right to process at a fair price.